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Some recent vacation ideas auctions on eBay:

NIP Me & My Big Ideas Scrappy Chic Scrapbook Page Kit Vintage Vacation (II)

Some recent vacation ideas auctions on eBay:

Cool Vacation Ideas images

Check out these vacation ideas images: Up, up, up and away Image by Love My Tours Stealing Barb’s photo idea Image by thetejon

AZORES, AND TERCEIRA – A Travelogue. Read before you go for trip planning ideas. Includes tips and photos. Schedule your explorations. Like having a friend … you around! (Visual Travel Tours Book 253)

AZORES, AND TERCEIRA The Azores are Portuguese but being a thousand miles from the mainland, have their own history, cuisine, and customs. Terceira, one of the nine islands, has interior green mountains, charming coastal villages, plenty for the tourist to do, and a World Heritage city. Nine little gems in the middle of the Atlantic

42 Cheap Vacation Ideas: On a Budget

From Stay-cations to Destinations, this book gives you many ideas for a good time. Practical advice and possible solutions are found on every page. Innovative money-saving ideas abound in Part One, and in Part Two you can get ideas for visiting several cities in the United States. More Vacation Ideas Products