Get the Best Airplane Seat

We’ve all been there — the small child kicking the back of your seat, the lack of legroom, the war over the armrest. While there’s no fail-safe way to guarantee that aisle More »

Three Top All-Inclusives for Over-50 Travelers

Travelers over the age of 50 can’t be easily pigeonholed: Not only do they differ in age from one another but they also differ in interests, energy levels and lifestyles. And like More »

10 flight attendant secrets I wish I’d known before my last flight

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Grab a Cheap Flight

Nowadays, you don’t have to guess where the cheapest flight from your home would be. You can look up a whole list of flights (from cheapest to increasingly more expensive) using a More »

Think Outside the Box

Forget Mexico — go to Guatemala. Skip Paris — head to Budapest. Forget Italy — see Greece (it’s really cheap!). Ditch Brazil and take on Bolivia instead — the list goes on More »


Travel: The Ultimate Budget Travel Guide for Students to travel the world for under $30 a day (A Travel Reference for the lonely Digital Nomad for Budgeting … Guides, Global Travel Guides) Book 1) Reviews

A Universal Guide to Student Travel on a BudgetRead this student travel book now on your PC, mac, smart phone, tablet, kindle device or paperback. This book provides a practical guide to traveling the world while as a student. If you are planning on taking a break year or doing a study abroad / work

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Used Book in Good Condition Book by Rivoli, Shelly

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by Theen … Detailed Camping Trip Planning Some experienced camping enthusiasts find it very easy to have a great camping trip. Those of us who are less experienced, or who are travelling as a family, are likely to find that planning is really the key to creating a successful trip of this nature. That’s why

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*** NEWLY UPDATED for 2016, this wonderful little book is the perfect companion for your trip to Prague, Czech Republic. Its American author, Krysti Brice, has lived and worked in Prague for more than two decades, and in this book she combines her love of the city with her love of food, architecture and writing